Racer Support Program

AJAX Motorsports Racer support program sponsor me


New members to the Racer Support Program are subject to a 60-day probation period. Enlisted customers during the probation period will receive a 15% discount for the 60-day period and will be expected to purchase at least $200 worth of product and an AJAX graphics kit (or supply your own with AJAX as the main logo on the shroud). An AJAX Representative will contact you if you meet the requirements and standards for the program.
·   Customer must own and race a unit purchased from AJAX.
·   Plan to compete in 5 or more local/regional races in the current or upcoming season.
·   Must have an upstanding reputation representative of the AJAX Brand.
-   Racer performance is not our primary consideration, though, good results are a bonus!
Racer Support Program
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