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Product Highlight - ODI LOCK-ON Grips // AJAX Tech Tips

Posted By: Ajax Motorsports
Post Date: 08/24/2017

ODI Lock-On Grip System

Since the inception of rubber hand grips, there have arguably been few major innovations to the products. Companies come and go, patterns and materials change, but the process of removing and installing grips has been the same hassle it’s always been.

If you’ve ever had a grip twist on the bar or worse, come off altogether, you’ve most likely found a way to secure your grips that seems to work well. But no matter how streamlined you think you have the process, the simplicity and ease of the new lock-on grips cannot be beat. ODI has been dedicated to innovation in the grip industry for the past 25 years and continues to manufacture their products in the USA.



CLUTCH SIDE: Installing these grips couldn’t be easier. Start by removing the old grip on the clutch side. You’ll likely need to use a razor knife to free the grip from the bar. Once the grip is off, clean remaining debris from the bar. If the old grip was glued on you’ll need to remove whatever glue was left behind – acetone (nail polish remover) dissolves super glue. Then, simply slide the new grip on and use the appropriate allen tool to tighten the pinch bolt located on the inner ring.

Note: KTM and Husqvarna come stock with ODI lock-ons. It is common for these OEM grips to have Torx head bolts holding the grip on. Don’t use an allen or you run the risk of stripping out the head.


Throttle Side: Another awesome benefit to using ODI’s setup is that every kit comes with a new throttle tube. This is especially beneficial when the bike is in a crash on the right side and the throttle tube is damaged – it’s a one-stop solution!

Begin by disassembling the throttle assembly. On most models there are two small bolts holding the two halves together. Remove the cable (or cables if a four-stroke) from the throttle cam and remove the old throttle tube with grip intact. Now, reference the chart included in the packaging to select the correct cam for your application. Once you’ve selected the proper cam, snap the cam onto the new throttle tube/grip. Make sure the cam snaps into place and that it is positioned where you want the grip to be oriented. Properly route the throttle cables and reassemble the throttle assembly.

Note: When selecting the grips for your application, look to see what cams are in the packaging. If they have a place for one cable end, the kit is for a two-stroke application. If there are two holes for cables, it is for a four-stroke.



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