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  1. Stacyc Race at Lazy E Arena

    Stacyc Race at Lazy E Arena

    When: Saturday, Jan 23, 2021 07:30 PM - 08:00 PM
    Location: Lazy E Arena
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    Have a Stacyc bike? Want to shred in the Lazy E Arena in front of thousands of fans and maybe end up on TV? Here is your chance to get your young rider their first shot at a podium!

    • Applicants must email me (Cody) the following details:
      • Parent name
      • Phone number
      • Child's name
      • Child's preferred race number
      • Child's age
      • Shirt size. We will provide custom shirts with the rider's name and number.
      • 12" or 16" Stacyc
    • We will have two events:
      • 12" Race 10-12 participants
      • 16" Race 10-12 participants
      • The track will be a shortened version of the racetrack.
        • Please have age appropriate racers. Nobody wants to see a 15 year old racing a Stacyc.
    • Requirements:
      • Bring your own Stacyc.
      • Racers MUST bring their own helmet. This can be a bike helmet or a moto helmet but it must be in good condition and strapped on.
      • Parent/Guardian must sign release wavier. 
    • Other info
      • This is based on who signs up first. I will put some on a waiting list in case some people drop out.
      • We will be set up under the VIP area on the end of the arena with various pit party activities. 
      • I plan on creating a Stacyc Demo experience in that area as well for walk up riders as well.
      • I will send out a more detailed schedule at a later time.
        • Please come hang out with us and be sure to come early so we can get you the shirt and ready to race.

    We are working with Stacyc on the exact details for this event. This event is subject to changes.

    My email is crader@ajaxmotorsports.com