2016 Yamaha FZ-09


The FZ-09's powerful 847cc in-line 3-cylinder crossplane crankshaft concept engine delivers huge torque combined with a lightweight chassis and slim design for incredible handling.

  • LED Headlight and accent lights
  • Front frame sliders
  • Tech spec snakeskin tank grips
  • Customized Sargent seat
  • Battery Tender connection with USB for GPS/Mobile Device
  • Aluminum windscreen
  • Full Termignoni exhaust system
  • Full ECU Tune (if you are familiar with FZ09's, you know of the weird throttle and fuel mapping from the factory)
  • MotoDynamic integrated tail light
  • Relay for LED turn signals
  • Fender Eliminator kit
  • Rear mudguard (this stands out from the rest of the FZ's)
  • Metzeler M7RR tires (Rear tire mounted at 5200 miles, Front tire mounted at 5500 miles, so about 3000-3500 miles on this set of tires, with enough tread to last at least another few thousand)
  • Rear slider spools